Split Tickets in separate Tickets

Our Support team is struggling with the fact that we often have tickets that actually consist of two separate issues, or customers who 6 months after a ticket has been closed decide to just reply to that particular ticket to ask a -totally unrelated- question. This reopens the ticket, which can obviously be closed again, but the part with the new ticket should now be copied to a new ticket.


So I think it would be nice if you could be able to somewhere in the email thread you can split off into a new ticket.

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Have a same situation. Customer not create new e-mail. Customer find old e-mail with solbed solutiond and reply.

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I second this! We have customers who continue to respond to closed tickets with new issues. 

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This happens all the time! 


It also happens when an email is sent to a list. All of the responses (from different people) send back into the same ticket and there's no good notification system or way to split them. 

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Definitely needed as our team uses tickets to track and communicate with customers for each specific order so sometimes they order one thing and then a month or so later will order another as a reply to their last emails and it's frustrating to separate the two and create a fresh ticket without any timeline activity from the previous order on the same thread...

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We have sent out a bulk email with the same subject and content - each recipient on the BCC line. So each reply comes in from different customers but is married up as one conversation/ticket in HubSpot. Need to be able to split them out when there is a number of these coming through! 

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Yes very frustrating - I want an option to reply to the original email chain rather then surfing through the 100 other emails the client has sent about other issues!