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Split Conversations or Create Multiple Tickets form a Single Conversation

Sometimes clients send one email but within the email there are multiple issues that need to be handled by different teams (i.e. a billing related issue and a technical product related issue).

I wish we could split this single Conversation into 2 different Conversations, possibly by highlighting a portion of the Convresation/email and then somehow break that highlighted part out into it's own Conversation. This would allow us to respond/handle a more simple issue on it's own, while handling a more complex issue differently. It would also allow for the seperate Conversations to be associated to different Tickets, which could be handled by different teams.


This Idea has been edited to help our product team organize and respond to threads. Part 2 of the original request can be found here:

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This would be very useful to also help with automating incoming conversations that generate tickets for multiple teams or pipelines to view. 


Would love it if this was possible


Yes, we have the same issue that emails come with several topics for different teams!