HubSpot Ideas


Spcial Media Updates

HubSpot's social media pages fall very short. The team really needs to stay up to date on changes in the market and adapt their platform to reflect this.


1. Months ago, Instagtam made it possible to post videos longer than one minute ( however, this is still not possible through HubSpot, meaning we must still post seperately for these videos. 


2. On HubSpot's social page, under the Monitor tab, it is only possible to have Twitter as a linked stream, desapite having Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIN accounts also linked to our HubSpot page. 


2. On the same social page, when selecting "All Activity" and selecting a specific stream (Facebook), posts only appear that your page has posted. This is pointless. Why would I want to see noifications that my page has posted? What we need are notifications when people react to posts or when people tag us in posts which is not happening.