Source Tracking - Add missing UTM tags

Hi all,


I'd like to see a fourth option added to source tracking in Hubspot. "Add missing source tracking tags in URL"


This would allow us to have the best of both worlds. We want the UTM campaign tag of Hubspot but we also want to add our own UTM content tag and add additional GID tags.


We currently have the ability to:


  • Add source tracking tags to all URLs - This would replace any tags we add with Hubspot default
  • Add source tracking only if no existing tags in URL - This would allow us to add our wanted tags, but it stops the platform from adding any tags in. So we would have to add it all in manually.
  • Don't add source tracking tags - Completely manual

We recently needed to create 500+ CTAs (54 CTAs with a lot of smart variants) for a multi email test campaign. If this test goes well, we will need to create maybe 2500+ CTA variants when this goes into live. The weekly workload to create week specific UTM tags and any other content would be impossible to maintain!


Nod to who had a good suggestion to create an editor for set UTM parameters

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Yes please! Seems that both Hawk-Steve and tmonetcollins ( nice complimentary feature requests that relate to UTM settings.


Along with others, I also would like this feature.

Just today I was informed that its not possible to change the UTM global settings.

Instead I will need to create unique tracking URLs always.

The 4th option ("Add missing source tracking tags in URL") presented here is something at first glance in HubSpot I thought existed. It does not. Upvote from me.