Sorting open tasks by time zone, and creating call tracks

  • Sorting tasks by time zone: it would be helpful to have the time zone associated with the company/contact appear in a column in "table" view. This way you wouldn't have to click into the profile each time to know if it's an appropriate time to call, and you also would get a nice overview and overall grasp of how you should structure your day of calling based on time zone. 


  • Call tracks: it would be nice to not have to check a box and pick the next time to reach out every time a task is completed. Basically, the idea would be to allow the user to create a template of tasks spaced out to their liking that they could apply to individual accounts/prospects with a single click. When they click the check mark to complete a task it goes away, but the next task would automaticall be set for two or three days later. This means it would populate their tasks based on how often they are set up to call, and tell them what to do based on their pre-determined order of how to reach out to a prospect. You could still push tasks out, but this would automatically keep spacing between activities and automatically populate your tasks for an account. A call track might look something like this:
    1. Day one: call - no vm
    2. Day three: call - vm - send email
    3. Day five: call - no vm
    4. Day seven: call - vm (and so on)


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Time zones..... Going on 17 months since the first request! Pipedrive can do it. Just saying. $15 / month per user can do it. Let's get it updated please. 

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As a European company that does business in North America, and generally around the world, this feature is a must. Having to open every single task to check the contact's time zone is a real pain. I understand it's not as simple as adding a column but having the ability to see the timezone and sort by it would be amazing!


Not sure if this is allowed to post but I am using the Chronomouse Chrome extension to quickly indentify timezones by simply marking the area or country code. It doesn't solve the Hubspot problem but prevents tedious googling. 

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Can we please have this?! I upvoted almost a year ago and this was posted even longer ago.

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We need this too.  We have put a workaround in place but this takes time to set up.