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Sorting list by associated company

for some reason it's not possible to sort the deals and contacts list by associated company. 

This would be very useful to group the deals/contacts from one company together while scrolling through the list. 


...and since only a single company can be associated it shouldn't be hard to sort by it's name.


I got this answer from support:

Unfortunately, the associated company property is not designed to sort at all but it might be something that we're looking to improve in the future. Just to give you more insight on this, on the backend of this property, the data is stored as a numerical ID value, not as a string containing the object name. For this reason, it cannot be sorted like the other properties. As for why it is stored as a numerical ID value, it is because of how the associated properties work.

First up the "we're looking to improve in the future" seems like a complete lie, since they didn't do anything about it for years - this thread is from 2017. Great start.

Secondly, usually everything in a database has (should have) a (unique) numerical ID value. Related to this is some field somewhere, where the name is stored. Look up numrical ID > find name associated > insert name in column > sort.


Just to sour the experience more, support also wrote:

To give this idea some support, I found a similar suggestion in our community forum. You can upvote it (I've done it as well!) and if enough people upvote this idea our product team may take a look at it.

Wow - they pointed to this topic. From 2017.

But hey! They upvoted it 🤷‍


So I have an easier work around to be able to sort the contacts list by company name. After creating the workflow to copy the company "Name" property to the contact "company name" property, you can create a new view and follow the steps below. 


  1. Open list of contacts
  2. Filter contacts list by “owner” and select Pat Miller
  3. Click on “table actions” and select Edit Columns
  4. Add the contact property “company name” to the view
  5. Move the column to the left to be next to the “contact name” column
  6. You can then sort by the “company name” property column to view all contacts listed by company name

I hope this helps everyone to be able to sort contacts by company! 


Sorting by associated companies - the main CRM field that companies are using to organize their data is critical. How is this not a function? 


Totally agree. I have encountered this issue within 1 hr of starting to test and trial Hubspot and it will probably result in us looking elsehwere for a Contact Management solution (not a full CRM)


Any chance this will become an option? There are times we change up workflows and it results in a lot of tasks that we need to remove and this would be super helpful.


How is this not possible?  We just moved our whole service organization to HubSpot and little things like this are just becoming evident.  Making for some unsatisfied team members! 


Being able to sort per Associated Company is just the basic of the basic of the basic of a normal CRM

Not putting this feature in priority is a complete nonsense

Hubspot is definitely the best in term of email-centric CRM, but if they don't focus on user satisfaction, there will be churn as soo as other CRM dot the same

Cannot agree more and have no understanding for the fact that this has not been enabled over recent YEARS!

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I'm baffled that this ongoing issue hasn't been properly addressed by HubSpot.  Being able to sort on Associated Company is a task that many HS customers need and have requested.   As a small company, we shouldn't be forced to pay the Pro subscription rate so we can use work flows to rectify a sort issue when the Marketing Starter plan suits our needs for everything else.  


Hard to beleive that this is not a standard feature.... we really need to be able to sort by company. 


Great idea!


I totally agree.  I have to always export it and them sort it.  This should be an easy fix.  It is hard to believe it is still open.



+1 – this is a near blocker for us


This is a must! Not sure why it's not standard?


I think the issues is HS is not working on anything and they started as a B2C.  Unfortunately, B2B companies, like ourselves, is not as important or they are not adding any resources toward this issue.  


It is unbelieve how to create a crm tool not being able to sort by company being one of the most obvious sort criteriia.


We would really benefit from this feature, from a time and efficiency standpoint. 


This would also be incredibly helpful in the 'Tasks' page because it would show how many calls/emails are being sent to employees in the same company. As a sales associate, I try to limit the number of employees I call/email in the same office per day and if I could sort by Associated Company, I'd be able to quickly identify this.  


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, make this fix!  It is crucial when managing multiple deals with multiple companies.  If I COULD search by company, I could then sort the resulting short list by contact to make sure one outreach addresses all the items to be discussed.  I have been able to do this in every crm I've used since the 1990s!

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Imperfect and quick solution while we hope and wait for this to be fixed. Add email domain to your columns and sort by that instead.