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Sorting list by associated company

for some reason it's not possible to sort the deals and contacts list by associated company. 

This would be very useful to group the deals/contacts from one company together while scrolling through the list. 


...and since only a single company can be associated it shouldn't be hard to sort by it's name.

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Even now that contacts can be associated with multiple companies, how has this still not been implemented after 5 years?

Even if the issue was something along the lines of "do we sort alphabetically by name, or numerically by record ID," the fact that there's been radio silence on such a relatively simple feature that could be an easy win for HubSpot is concerning.


it should be default to sort anything ascending or descending. you can do so even with mail adresses which is probably less often a valid business case like sorting by company


I would really love this feature. Please make our lives easier!


Agree, this would be a great enhancement! appreciate it's consideration


This is native to Salesforce and Other CRM's. So I believe should be included in HubSpot! If not people are exporting data and not working in the CRM.