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Sorting list by associated company

for some reason it's not possible to sort the deals and contacts list by associated company. 

This would be very useful to group the deals/contacts from one company together while scrolling through the list. 


...and since only a single company can be associated it shouldn't be hard to sort by it's name.

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This would be incredibly useful for our BD team since sorting by company name which is a free text field can return inaccurate information. example if a company is entered as [fake company] and [fake comapny inc]. 





Because Associated With is a related property it is definitely more challenging to sort...but shoudln't be impossible...


It's not intuitive to a regular user why they can't sort on this field/property


for us would be very important too, because different persons here can work with the same company and it would be easiest to see if some company already has some deal with us if we can sort by company name.


This would be really useful for our team, as each user works with hundreds of companies and we've had to establish many workflow workarounds to be able to easily see associated companies (such as having to put the Company name in the Task or Deal title so you can easily filter by it in a search). 


Agreed. This feels like a simple, no-brainer feature that a lot of us could get value from. If it's not associated with a company, then sort=null, and ignore the contacts it's associated with.


The best workaround that I could come up with for this is to create a Company Name property in Deals. This property will be sortable when you view "Deals".


After you create the Deal property of Company Name,  go to the "customize what your team sees when creating or viewing a deal" page and check the box for the Company Name property that you just created. 


Go back to Deals and click Edit Columns and add the Company Name property to the columns. Now when viewing Deals, the Company Name will then appear in your list and can be sorted.


Agreed, this seems to be a very simple thing to implement and would make the user experience a lot better. It works for other "linked" fields like contact owner for example, also a 1:1 relationship. 


Agreed. This needs to happen. Or the company field needs to pull from the associated with field so you can sort by company. To expect people to renenter the company a second time is extremely inneficient. 


@jayman, agreed this needs to get done. But for now you can set up a workaround and use a workflow to copy the value from Associated company into the Company Name field in the contact record. That's what we had to do so we didn't have to enter it twice. 


This also would be extremely helpful for us. Often times my team needs to sort by company name to bring up a deal, as several of our deals might have similar names / properties, and the main differentiator is the associated company. Just a simple option to alphabetize would be amazing. Another great step before would be to enhance the search feature so that when I search for a company name in the deals it shows up.


Seriously, how is this still an outstanding feature request? Seems like core functionality for just about any user. Has stuck out like a sore thumb from the moment I first logged into the application.


please add this.  it seems so easy to make a matching field that is sortable .  


This is quite puzzling - it's been an issue since 2017 on quite a few posts and still hasn't been addressed. Associated Company is a field in the CRM and we need to be able to sort by it - one reply by HubSpot in another post suggested a "solution" of adding a copy of the field for Company Name, but that seems to defeats the purpose of Hubspot's database and a value proposition of simplicity. 


This is causing massive FRICTION for our team's processes. I've been able to do this functionality in other CRMs and feels like a let down not to be able to in HubSpot as I really like your system.


Please, Please, Please address this functionality - particularly with 40+ people supporting this ask. 


Please 🙂

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Hi All! With regards to the above there is a pretty good workaround which allows for this to work.


If you have access to the "Workflows" tool you can create a contact workflow. This would be used to copy the Company Property "Name" to the Contact Property "Company Name". To do this you can enroll by "Create Date is Known" or "Company Name is Unknown". You can copy the Company Property Name to Targeted Contact Property "Company Name".


This would carry the Associated Companies name over to the Contact's Company Name Property. Why this is a valuable alternative is because the Company Name property can be sorted.


Thanks! 🙂 


Happy to say this worked for our team! Thanks Luke for discussing the issue with me and suggesting we try this. Appreciate your creative use of the workflow functionality to find an automated solution for our existing contacts and future entries into our environment.


Shared the workflow results to our wider team - they are so happy to be able to sort in the lists now using the contact's Company Name now. 


Hope this will help others with this need too! 





Why is it so complicated to solve this issue? We are creating lists for emailing and for whatever reason are not able to check the contacts based on their associated company/company (we do not have workflow access). 


This is very needed. Would be an easy win for HS I think.


This is very important. We can't figure out why it is not available.

Initially we thought maybe its an alien property until today i exported deals and found out both associated company and associated contacts are actually inside deals table!

Please make both associated company and associated contact the available fields for viewing in Deals view. They shall be allowed to be sorted as well.

Thank you!


Just started in a new role heading the sales team. Used to using Salesforce and being able to sort on this column but these guys have Hubspot. Otherwise, Hubspot looks good and I'm happy to use it, but this seems like a fundamental flaw. Very surprised that this issue has been kicking around for years and not fixed. Hope this gets looked at and added to the roadmap soon.


I'm genuinly puzzled how this is not possible.

It makes both the list tool and the regular contact/company database really hard to handle for creating target lists. 

The suggested workaround through a workflow doesn't solve the problem as it doesn't update the contact property "company name" if the associated company of said contact is changed (instead of initially entered) therefore we're back at manually maintenance of a database. This is not only incredibly cumbersome but a huge flaw in a CRM.

When will this functionality be updated?