Sort drop-down properties alphabetically

Very simply put, would be really useful if we could quickly srt the properties in contact setttings alphabetically (for instance when we add new options for a drop-down property with lots already available), instead of new options being placed at the bottom and having to manually drag al the way up the list to where they belong.


Similarly would be good to add new options here in a specific plave by simply entering [RETURN] from the one above.

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Will be so useful for the contact property "Country", espacially since it's options loaded directly from Hubspot.


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Yes, would love to have this feature! 

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This needs to happen now.

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It would be amazing if this would happen sooner than later.  Would certainly assist with accuracy. 

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Agreed. Whenever the dropdown gets past a few pages worth of vertical scrolling, it can take a while to move the new item toward the top (or wherever it fits alphabetically).


I've seen a few comments around carpal tunnel, so this idea is not just convenient, but can literally help prevent pain. 

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Yes. This is a huge flaw. I just added 26 options today, and will need to add more. The Hubspot system doesn't move fast either with my 700 options already listed, so rejigging 26 options will actually a long time (over an hour) to adjust.

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I'd like to add my vote to have this functionality incorporated into the dropdown options. We have one property with 300+ entries. In order to get the options to display in the correct order, I have add it to the bottom of the list and then drag each new entry to it's appropriate location on the list. It'd be way easier if I could insert entries into the exact location where I want them to appear on the list.   

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Otherwise it'd be nice with an "add below/above" when creating a new label for the dropdown list

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Would love this.  Salesforce just has a checkbox you can click to order all your values alphabetically.  It's great, particularly when you have dozens of values.

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Yes, yes, yes, please add this!!