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Some troubles of Service hub Conversation Inbox.

We are using Service Hub but there are too many troubles to use.
For Conversations > Inbox,

1. when we opened an email in Inbox, we see the bottom of the mail. If the customer email had a long signiture, we have to scroll up every time.
so it's best for us to make it in order from new to old, which means the newer replies are displayed on the top of the thread and older replies are on the bottom.

2. we can't add and remove addresses as "To".
we can add/remove CC & BCC but can't do it in "To".
We often receive emails from other site form system whose address is fixed single address.
So we'd like to change the address as To when we reply.
If I change the email from the contact property, the sender address of all emails via the form will be changed.
So we need the way to edit the address as "To".