Social sharing on Facebook & Instagram


Facebook API precludes any 3rd party from posting on any personal facebook account.  Hootsuite has developed a gamification program that encourages and rewards employees to share blogs and social posts on their personal social accounts.


HubSpot should create similar capabilites to allow the effectiveness of social sharing to be done by employees of a company,

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Please enable adding Instagram to Social Sharing in Emails.


Other emailing services, such as Mailchimp, are already providing this feature. 



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Hubspot is missing the bus on such basic features. In general feedback, Hubspot is extremely difficult and unpleasant to use for emailing. The entire CMS, and Email system with templates in one place, and content in another, is a nightmare for non-developers, and frankly makes me not want to use it at all. Which means going to sites such as Squarespace, and Mailchimp, for better UX, and design options.