Social media: blocked slots

Dear HubSpot team,


I'd like to suggest individually configurable 'blocked time slots' for the social media section, i.e. times in which no posts should be published on specific networks for whatever reason (similar to the "Do not disturb mode" on Slack or availability/working hours on Google Calendar). Despite social media plans, sometimes social media managers forget about holidays or content being simultaneously posted natively on social networks (e.g. a  Facebook video scheduled via Facebook, a tweet written by a colleague on the fly on their phone).

An example would be a blocker for Facebook between 7 am and 12 pm that social media manager A configured & set because they scheduled a native post on Facebook for 9 am. If social media manager B tries to schedule a post e.g. for 11 am, HubSpot would block this, displaying the name of the blocker that a A configured.