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Social Publishing Failure Notices

Two things that would help when there are social publishing failures:

1) An email sent out as soon as the post fails for any reason, and

2) A function that pinpoints the exact reason the post fails instead of the current link that provides 3 general reasons for why the post may have failed (see link below)

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This is a very important feature. If you are able to schedule posts you should be notified if any posts are not sent, or else that feature is useless because you still need to log in every time to ensure it has been posted. 


 On the same subject about Social Media Publishing failure due to account authorization failure.  Why would a LinkedIn Account suddenly not be connected or authorized?  I had this issue over Christmas that the posts suddenly failed and I didn't understand why but it was due to our LinkedIn account connection expiring.  Thanks in advance for your help

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Hello @sachahydra!

It is expected behaviour that your LinkedIn account would need to be reconnected. Due to LinkedIn API limitations, a LinkedIn account token used to after 60 days. Most LI account within HubSpot were reconnected in or around October due to LI's switch from v1 to v2. As such, this is expected behaviour that the account has disconnected.

As of January 22nd, LI has released some limitations on their APIs, allowing login account tokens to expire after one year for users in HubSpot, instead of the 60 days mentioned above. For example, if your account was connected any time after January 22nd, 2017, it is now set for access until January 22nd, 2018. To re-new into the one year access token, simply disconnect then reconnect your LI account under Social Settings, and you will be set for a year from the date of connection.

We are currently working on in-app messaging as well as email alerts for when accounts are disconnected, but I do not have a release date at this time.


This is crucial for social posts which can be scheduled well in advance. I've had our comapny LinkedIn account disconnect twice in the last 1-2 years and scheduled posts have gone out under my personal account instead.


If any account becomes disconnected or de-authorised for any reason, the HubSpot social scheduling platform really needs to email a notification. Otherwise, it makes me hesitatnt to use it for scheduling posts too far in advance.


Having an email alert would be super usefu, especially if you're not always open or online in-app. Any news on whether this is a feature yet?

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We rarely have posts fail, but I just realized today that some of our Facebook posts failed that were time sensitive and we didn't know they didn't post. An email notification is a must! I know it can be difficult to figure out why that may happen, but if we are at least notified we can try again. 🙂 



Hi Kierstin, sorry you had this issue, I had the same over Christmas some of my linkedin posts failed, it was because the account needed to be reconnected.  I understand that Hubspot has to do this periodically but it should be at a for convenient time ie not over the holidays!   I did get an email notification though of the issue but only saw this when I returned to the office.  

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@sachahydra Yeah, mine wasn't a disconnected account issue. I do get those alerts and reconnect as needed. It said it failed due to the video (but we post the same format of video every Friday, so I have no idea why the one file failed). I set up an alert for myself to check and make sure this weeks goes through, but it would have been nice to have been notified on 1/3 when the Facebook posts didn't go through. They are good luck messages for the events happening on the weekends, so once I noticed it, it was too late to re-post. 


It's amazing that this isn't a feature already. A failure is something I want to know about immediately. If a post is time-sensitive and fails, that's a problem I want to know about right now. I can't spend my day looking at the HubSpot Social tool to see if anything fails.


Please make this happen.

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This would be very useful. I have several clients that Facebook is quite testy about their perfectly legitimate posts, doesn't post them, and I need to clone and publish a couple of times from time to time. 


Right now, I'm sending myself a zap that a tweet published and when a Facebook post published with the contents. When there is a tweet that I suspect would also have been a Facebook post but I don't get the FB post email from Zapier I investigate further. This is bananas inefficient but it's the best way that I can figure that would be give me close to real-time notification of a problem.


I agree. It's frustrating to find out after the fact that a post didn't publish and it's too late to publish it. Please consider this as an option. Thanks!

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Fantastic idea and very much needed! 👏

It is essential to get a notification via email when a social post fails so that it can be fixed immediately. Otherwise you have to rely on manually checking social posts in HubSpot every time you publish posts to ensure they went out. 


HubSpot, are there any plans to work on notificatins of this kind in future? 😄