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Social Permissions for Users

As it is possible for Ads, Blog, Email and Landing pages, be able to choose who can either read, write ou publish for Social Media. Or even more, the specific account they have access to - despite the one that they own VS don't own. 

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May 22, 2020 10:02 AM

Thank you for your feedback, we are currently in planning mode for migrating social permissions to match the rest of the campaign apps. 

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I completely agree. The all-or-nothing access to the social media function is one of two things that stops me from using HubSpot to manage our social presence (the other being category scheduling rather than individual post scheduling).


I agree with this idea. Lately I found out that someone higher up in the commercial team couldn't see one of the cards reported in our default marketing dashboard. Turned out those cards are from social reporting. Although social metrics may not be as relevant for commercial folks, it's still a good FYI for them and pity that the one who reported this is an important stakeholder.

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This is much needed, especially segmenting who can publish on which accounts, regardless if they have connected the account themselves


To add to the above. Personally for a business like ours that has many store locations and haas a manager for each of those stores we have a social (FB, Insta, Pinterest) to each of these locations so its essenital that we can allocate who can post/schedule on allocated social profile. 


More restriction on the insight to the other social media account's data is another concern from our end. Right now a user can access, view and report on all linked social accounts. If we restrict permission to a singular account that should be the only data points available to said user. 

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Thank you for your feedback, we are currently in planning mode for migrating social permissions to match the rest of the campaign apps. 


Yes, I would like to see the ability to limit social account access to certain users.   For example, User A give access to Twitter and LinkedIn.  User B give access to Instagram and Facebook.   etc.   Cannot currently do that.  

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Agree this is a helpful and necessary feature! 


I've just discovered the Beta version and I'm a bit disappointed that the release doesn't go all the way with the idea.

It is possible to give access or not to the social network functionality for groups of users, but it is not possible to limit their actions to visibility.


For example, I find it logical to give access to the social media schedule to my sales department, but I don't find it logical that they can edit the content of the posts.