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Social Media Preview Tool

I use the social publishing tool to post on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for both of our websites. However, I think having a preview tool would be really valuable with social posts (especially with the new LinkedIn image sizes and the preview that automatically renders through Hubspot). 


I get really agitated when I think something will look fine and schedule posts then have to go in manually through my LinkedIn account (because you can't delete from Hubspot) and get rid of the posts and try again! 

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Agreed - either that or some sort of editing ability once a post has gone up (wishful thinking I know) 


It would be extemly helpful to have a social media previewing tool.  Please consider adding this feature - particularly for facebook and twitter

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And there are a 1000 "definitive guides" to social media picture sizes that are constantly outdated or incorrect. When posting in HS, add the image size guidance when you go to select an image to upload. 


I would be very keen to see this as soon as possible. I'm currently drafting posts in a competitor scheduling tool in order to preview the posts and then transferring to Hub Spot for posting. Is there any update on whether HubSpot is likely to introduce this as a feature? Thanks.


Definately Social Media post preview is needed!! 

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Thank you for sharing this feedback!


We've been making updates to the social composer in the past year and now have a link preview generated when you create your message; now in the composer we will scrape the link entered into your social post to generate a preview as to what Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn will pull in order to ensure your posts are optimized. 


As each social network will differ slightly as well on their image size requirements we've also run this blog post recently to reflect an updated best size for featured images used on pages, we'll be monitoring any changes on the main social networks to ensure this post remains up to date in the future. 


This will be so helpful. Please consider adding.


We need this!