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Social Media Posting Capabilities


A couple of things:

Video is the main driver on Social right now. The fact that I can't post a reel through Hubspot or have a creator account is limiting our brand's ability to use Hubspot. Trending sounds are needed to hit the algorithm in an efficient manner, and you cannot do that under a biz page on Instagram.

If reel and carosel posts are not going to be a feature included anytime soon, then we need a way to enter the URL of an external post and add it to a campaign. 

TikTok needs to be added as well.

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I would like to give this 1000000 upvotes.  IG allows us to advertise and see all the insights while using a creator account.  Considering the power of Hubspot adding these features should be a no brainer.  Please add this ASAP  Yours truly, IG Creators of Hubspot


Story telling is one of the most captivating tools in drawing and retaining attentions of both active and passive clients. Using a relatable piece to describe a situation gives the reader access to picturing the scenero(s). It gives the user a more detailed account of the information being portrayed and helps facilitate their understanding. I recommend story telling as another major feature in hubspot. It's piques interests and gives deeper insights.


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1000% yes.