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Social Media Post Approval Process or Workflow

The only thing stopping us from getting rid of SpredFast and using Hubspot completely is the Social Media Post approval process. We work in an environment where content, even social posts of certain kinds, need to be approved. It would be nice to an approval process capability in HubSpot to do just this. Person A writes a post, Person B gets a notification that an approval is pending, B can approve or deny.

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December 10, 2018 12:32 PM


We launched "draft-only" permissions (available in Enterprise) completely and it is out of Beta, so the tag needed updating. Future improvements like a notification for new drafts created would be great to have in a different ideas ticket. 




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December 10, 2018 11:27 AM

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August 20, 2018 12:32 PM

This functionality is now available in Beta for Enterprise portals. If you are interested in this feature, please DM me your portal ID!

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September 20, 2017 09:05 AM

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May 16, 2017 06:43 AM

Hey @ctyriver for further context, could you outlien which users in your team use the Social Publishng tool and what their role/permissions are?

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So glad to see this is in progress! I would also suggest that the process should include the following: if approved, the post should go live; if denied, the "approver" should be given the opportunity to suggest changes in the chain of communications. 😉

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Hey @ctyriver for further context, could you outlien which users in your team use the Social Publishng tool and what their role/permissions are?


this would be so helpful, especially since we have interns. 


Yes. My boss is also looking for something like this. There has to be an approval process for her to be able to check and make a decision before it is published. I feel like HubSpot is trying to be everything to everyone and not have a lot of functionality in these aspects. Would be great if HubSot could have an approval process implemented by Monday June 19, 2017


This would be a fantastic feature so we could move our post creation process directly into hubspot.


This feature is long overdue. I work with a range of content creators who should not have carte blanche access to post to a company social media platforms.


  • Internal Marketing staff
  • Outside Marketing Agencies
  • Marketing Interns
  • Freelanceers
  • Non-Marketing Staff

Hubspot allows for users to be able to write, but not publish, emails, blog posts, and landing pages but not social posts. Social posts, which could potentially be the most damaging for a company to have published with out the proper process, have only an on/off permission. 



We would love to use this for marketing through a franchise network. Where head office can load up and propose comments for approval and allocate to franchisees to approve the post on their social media. 



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I agree that this feature should be a priority to add to the platform. Especially as it pertains to the agency setting, there are many cases where our clients want to review and approve the planned social posts prior to them being published. The client will be notified by email if there are posts awaiting his or her approval. He or she will be able to approve the post or request revisions. The agency user is then notified of the request for revisions and can make changes before resubmitting for approval. Once the post is approved, it would be published at its scheduled time.


We're currently using Gain for this process but it would be strongly preferred to add this functionality to HubSpot so we can keep it all in one place.



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@roisinkirby because of the change to users/teams and not having roles to define the permissions, our team would have super admin/marketing manager approving and marketing team to submit. Looking at the new interface, if there was a read, write, approve, publish check box, the team could have read, write, publish, checked and if approve is checked on a management user, it would require all published to have approval checked before going out. If no one has approve checked and publish is checked on any user, it would skip the approve step. Could be as simple as having the post routed to the person with approve checked with a simple check box that says 'approved' or 'rejected' and then prompts for comments when rejected selected.

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We need this....

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 Any update on this?

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Please! As a partner agency publishing across many accounts, a workflow tool would be incredible. For now we are using HeyOrca, but to manage complex approvals the HubSpot platform is much more cumbersome and allows room for errors in people publishing.


So glad to see others need this as well. In our industry, everything needs to be reviewed by compliance before we can push out to the masses.  We cannot use the HubSpot social tool because it's missing this workflow functionality.

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This is such a great suggestion. We use GAIN which is great at managing approval flows but disconnected from the rest of our client's marketing efforts in HubSpot. As a partner agency, seeing this get added would result in us bringing our clients fully into the social tool. Voted up! 


Yeah, we must need this in HubSpot. Whenever a post is created, which needs to be approved by respective manager before going LIVE. 


It is not limited to Social Media Post. We can have this option in all the modules like Landing Pages, Mailers, CTAs & Workflows. So, whenever an asset is created in HubSpot, it can be reviewed my respective manager (or level of approval authorities). If any suggestions, they can revert to the asset creator along with some comments. This will ensure that we are following the proper hierarchy of approvals before going LIVE.


Waiting for HubSpot team to respond regarding the current status or timeline to get this feature.


@SreeBalaji - YES, this is exactly what we're trying to implement.


Also expanding on it so that teams (i.e. local franchise businesses) can run marketing activity with their contacts but not view other territories' contacts, lists or activity.


So far the only workaround I've found is to generate a task in the sales tab, but this is extremely clunky.


Any update, Hubspot?

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I would love to see this functionality as well! We can't use the socail function in HubSpot at all precisely because I can't control who can and can't publish live posts.


Ideally, we could create approval workflows similar to the automation workflows. We have different approval processes for different types of social posts, so it'd be great for the post author to be able to select the appropriate workflow.

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This functionality is now available in Beta for Enterprise portals. If you are interested in this feature, please DM me your portal ID!


So, i cant figure out how to DM you. I tired clicking on your name, but i didnt see a DM option.