Social Media Post Approval Process or Workflow

The only thing stopping us from getting rid of SpredFast and using Hubspot completely is the Social Media Post approval process. We work in an environment where content, even social posts of certain kinds, need to be approved. It would be nice to an approval process capability in HubSpot to do just this. Person A writes a post, Person B gets a notification that an approval is pending, B can approve or deny.

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Hi @trishgofast - click on the envelope icon in the top right of the header menu on your current screen then click the orange "New Message" button to send @Daria a DM.


Hope that helps.

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@Daria how is this "delivered"? I know the beta program gave the ability to remove publishing permissions to all users. Now users can create drafts instead of just being able to publish. (Knowledge base

Where is the process?  Can users submit for approval? Is there a notification sent to approvers?

Unless I am missing something this still feel half done...

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We launched "draft-only" permissions (available in Enterprise) completely and it is out of Beta, so the tag needed updating. Future improvements like a notification for new drafts created would be great to have in a different ideas ticket. 




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Hi Daria!


I'm a bit confused because this thread is titled workflow/approval process. Regardless, what about our messages in August for a workflow, notification/approval process, etc? There was even a mock-up design - does a new thread need to be opened? 



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I submitted a "new" idea here Approval Process for Social Media Posts (with Notifications).

hopefully, this will not take 2 more years to implement...


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Hey @Daria - first off thanks for your team's attention to this!


I guess my understanding on this idea was more in line with having the ability to customize a full fledged approval process through multiple stakeholders and rounds for social content across all the social channels that you can connect inside of HubSpot. 


We currently use a tool called GAIN App that allows us to do this:


GAIN APP Approval Flows.png


We still use GAIN because it makes navigating the approvals with our clients way more efficient. But it obviuosly means that we're managing social content in a completely separate environment unless we export all approved posts into HubSpot which presents it's own challenges with regards to scheduling, consistency, and last minute updates that occassionaly need to get made. 


Basically, what's been so appealing about this idea is that we could cut out an entirely separate, disconnected tool that we use if only social media approval flows were rolled out for both HubSpot Pro and Enterprise instances. 


Am I off base in having thought that this idea was meant to address what I've outlined above? 


Thank you! 

- Chris 


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@cjkappen - Chris, a new thread was started because HS considers this "delivered." Approval Process for Social Media Posts (with Notifications).

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I agree. We use I would not recommend it. We use it worldwide. Each location sets up their calander and managers of the different regions can see their plan. 


I write the content. I then reasign the task to the Graphic Designer stating to create the image. There is also a top message area that all can see - we use it to state items like - target Americas only - or - waiting on outside approval of customer and keep it assigned to myself. Once the Graphic Designer is has added in the image. She does not have access rights to edit the content even if she sees an error. She reasigns it to me and can state in the comment - typo in the word red. I review the image and I feel it is great. I then reasign to another individual for final review. She reviews and states approved and or she can make a change in the content. And then reassigns to me to review or to the person to post the post. 


The posts are in calendar format. You click on the post and it opens up to edit,...etc.


Would love to have Hubspot make this addition to thier site. I would love to get our entire team on this platform instead of


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I would like to see this in the professional subscription, there are lots of other Social tools available that allow this and they have also worked a way around the Instagram carousel post issue. Hubspot is lacking behind on both in the professional version.  


We're looking at going elsewhere as Hubspot just can't keep up with the times and other tools are available at a fraction of the cost that provide this functionality.