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Social Media Notification Preferences

The current social media notification preferences currently sends an uncontrolled blast of social media reports to everyone in the organization who has appropriate permissions. However, some admins are not business users of the social media tools, resulting in superfluous notifications.


Can you create some way for there to be controls on who receives these types of notifications, independent of their permissions levels within HubSpot?

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It would be great to be able to set certain permissions for different team users. We don't need someone who drafts posts to see a roundup of interactions, posts, etc., however, a super admin does need to view these alerts. 

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Hi @TFelgar 

I am the Product Manager for Notifications. Could you give me an example of a specific notification so that we can diagnose this further?



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Hello @NazzMohammad,


Thanks for the prompt outreach! Primarily what I'm referencing are the Social Media Email Notifications (below).


It would be nice to be able to assign who actually receives these messages.  For example, members of the team in IT or elsewhere may be receiving emails about the social media performance because they are considered "Super Admins", but those individuals aren't actually business users of that information.  


We'd like to be able to specify the exact targets of these email notifications.

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Thanks for the context @TFelgar 🙂