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Social Media Interactions

I noticed there's no option to utilize social media interactions such as clicks, shares, likes, etc. to build lists. I want to be able to include that in an engaged member list that I could use in workflows or emails but it's currently not an option. I think a lot of people can benefit from adding this to the UI, especially when it comes to reengaging contacts and using it for other initiatives like lead scoring.

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This is a great idea! I would love this feature... 


The same idea just occurred to me.

Additionally, it would be great if HubSpot would create a contact and track its social media activity.


I agree. Our marketing team sees value in pulling social media interactions into the contact activity record, and would like to be able to apply lead scoring to those that have interacted with us on social media to add the social dimension to the MQL's that are handed off to sales.


Hi all, Leeyman here from the the Social Team 👋

We are currently in the process of conducting user testing for social interactions in the CRM. 

Please send me a DM if interested and we can set some time to connect!