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We would highly appreciate to publish not only posts but also paid ads for Instagram, Facebook and Youtube on Hubspot (eg connect the Business Manager with Hubspot, not only for the analysis but also for the operation). We would thus be able to manage all our social media activities through Hubspot. 

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Seconded. This would be really helpful. 

HubSpot Product Team

Hi everyone,

I’m Katie Koenig, the Senior Product Manager for HubSpot’s Ads tool.

At this time there are no plans to fully develop this Idea. We do provide today the ability to report on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube ads and you can create Facebook ads within HubSpot. 

This is not to say that this idea will never be developed, just that there are no plans to do so at this time.

Thanks, Katie


Yes! I also agree. And it would be nice to be able to post Twitter ads as well.