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Social Chat - Instagram Chat integration (Facebook Business Messenger)



linked to these Forume messages, but no duplictates in the IDEA Forum: 


I need to be able to respond to instagram messages via my Hubspot account.  

Can you please look into utilizing the FB Business Manager API, to also integrate the Instagram Chat Messages. 


I would like to be able to respond to those messages, in the same way, as I do with Facebook Messenger through HubSpot. 


Hope this is being considered, and expanding the current beta chat scope. 



FB Chat Beta:


Instgram Chat from Acedemy:

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Being Reviewed
July 28, 2021 05:27 AM

Hey folks -  While this feature is likely not something we'll bring to life in 2021, it's clear this channel is important. Recent changes to Messenger for Instagram APIs mean an integration is now possible, but we're still evaluating how and when we can add support for Instgram messaging as a channel in HubSpot.  

Being Reviewed
May 19, 2020 03:04 PM

We're exploring this channel but it will likely be some time before we can natively integrate Instagram messages as this will require Facebook to add Instagram message access to their Messenger APIs before we can realize this type of integration.

We'll post an update  as we learn more!

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We need this for Twitter DMs as well, it would be great if this feature works for all social media. 


I want to add my voice to this requested idea - c'mon Support, this has been requested since 2019, that's 3 years now, and many, many months since an update on the status of this request from Support.

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Great idea! (:

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We have a customer asking for this. Following for updates!

Also how are you solving the lack of this feature, using any 3rd party app? Any recomendation? 


+1 on wanting this feature, we're having to pay for a third party tool to cover this functionality which I'd rather not do.


Any chance of us knowing where this sits in terms of priorities for the HubSpot team?


Fully agree. When can we expect this to be available in HubSpot? 🙂


Yes HubSpot get on this; you preach about removing "FRICTION" for customers this is currently not removing friction. Stop worrying about your stock price and build this out. There are companies a 100th the size with this already on their platform. 

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We are in Q4 2022. Is there any progress @mfreiert ? Would be great if you can share some latest update on this item.


Hello, is this topic still open? Would be great to get 2022 Update on this. Thank you!

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need that!


One more voice for this feauture. Please any updates, workaorunds or anything 🤗


Hi Hubspot team - will the feature be released soon? It would be gamechanger for me to convert to hubspot. Otherwise I'll find another CRM. Thx


Just adding another chime here guys. The lack of messaging integration has prevented me from making the switch.... I am a fan outside of that, but our support team needs to see our social.

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Great idea!!


We realy need this feature 😩


My company would find this extremely helpful!


This has been requested since 2019, surely now in 2023 this feature is soon to be avilable? It's causing so many problems for us not havinga  fully unified inbox. 


Hello guys! Facebook is pretty dead now compared to insta. It'll be amazing to have the inbox!


Add instagram to inbox for messeging like it is for facebook messenger. thank you


Its really important to us that instagram is integrated. Dont understand why it hasn´t been done... this is a really important channel to a lot of brands. Any chance of us knowing where this sits in terms of priorities for the HubSpot team? I see there are coments from way back and nothing has been done... and when we ask through customer support all they do is to send us to this inbox that looks dead