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Social Chat - Instagram Chat integration (Facebook Business Messenger)



linked to these Forume messages, but no duplictates in the IDEA Forum: 


I need to be able to respond to instagram messages via my Hubspot account.  

Can you please look into utilizing the FB Business Manager API, to also integrate the Instagram Chat Messages. 


I would like to be able to respond to those messages, in the same way, as I do with Facebook Messenger through HubSpot. 


Hope this is being considered, and expanding the current beta chat scope. 



FB Chat Beta:


Instgram Chat from Acedemy:

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Being Reviewed
July 28, 2021 05:27 AM

Hey folks -  While this feature is likely not something we'll bring to life in 2021, it's clear this channel is important. Recent changes to Messenger for Instagram APIs mean an integration is now possible, but we're still evaluating how and when we can add support for Instgram messaging as a channel in HubSpot.  

Being Reviewed
May 19, 2020 03:04 PM

We're exploring this channel but it will likely be some time before we can natively integrate Instagram messages as this will require Facebook to add Instagram message access to their Messenger APIs before we can realize this type of integration.

We'll post an update  as we learn more!

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+3 (Including the other 2 people in my team doing CS)


We really need this too.


It's amazing that we can get Facebook messages in here, now our support team doesn't need access to Facebook. 


But to keep them entirely in one place, to make this feature/system complete, we really need to get Instagram messages to them in HubSpot as well. 


Thank you HubSpot!



I am suprised HubSpot still hasnt made this a feature/function. To manage and Customer center all communications should be centralized. Facebook posts, Facebook Messenger, Instagram Messenger, Twitter, TikTok, Youtube & Linkedin. all comments on posts and direct messages should be fed into the Customer Center engagment to create a ticket and enable a response. 


Any update about this feature? The status stills the same: Idea Submitted. 


Yes, please add this feature!


Yes please! About 2/3 of my clients message me on Instagram, the rest is FB messenger and email. Please implement Instagram messages into conversations, thank you!


Agreed, Insta is critical for some of us. 

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Can't believe this is not happening yet 😭


With the new api upgrade on facebook this should be possible and would be awesome if it happened in hubspot. This is a huge need IG is taking over!

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Suprised that after all this time and Upvotes Hubspot has not been able to implement a solution to add the Instagram messages to the Inbox.

If anyone has an idea on a third-party vendor that allows answering multiple Instagram account messages please let me know.


Is there an update on this? Insta messages are really important to see and respond to from within our HS inbox. FB works nicely but really missing this feature.


A year and a half and hubspot is still waiting on the community to fix this? Third-party recommendations? For all the huff and puff about being an industry leader in the hubspot blog, this seems like a pretty foundational miss. I guess I can deal with the frequent data delays on list memberships from the slow server, but not having basic functionality for social marketing and sales? Come on. If I have to go to facebook to manage the IG inbox, then I don't need hubspot. What else do I not need hubspot for? The things I need it for most are either clunky or non-existent. Looking elsewhere since this is clearly not a priority here.


@mfreiert  coming up on a year, is that some time? Is there an update? I'm trying to build something here, if HS can't or won't do it I'd like to know so I can find real solutions.



I would also really like to see this functionality, but it's simply not possible (yet), because Instagram is blocking API access for the inbox.


So I am pretty sure if I say: there is not one tool (CRM, customer care etc, whatever) on the market that has this feature.


At the moment Instagram grants access to the inbox API, a lot of tools (hopefully including HubSpot) will jump into this, I assume. 

But maybe HubSpot executives can put some pressure on Instagram, to make this happen sooner? 😉


Instagram DMs is manageable from Facebook business manager nowadays. Surely if we can connect to business manager as opposed to instagram we can make it work that way?


@AJohnson4 We have connected Instagram to our account on FB. Still we do not see inbox messenges in our Inbox in HubSpot. 

Hope this is possible soon 🙏🏻


We get a lot of support queries to our Instagram DMs. Being able to manage and reply to these messages from HubSpot would be invaluable for our support team.


Instagram messaging would be amazing. 


Si de acuerdo, la idea es poder unificar todos los canales de comunicación con prospectos, al no tener instagram en la bandeja de entrada pierde sentido poner messenger.


Please get this added! Especially now with Facebook integrating both Instagram + Facebook messages, it is a must have!


Another reason is that without it pulling over as Facebook messages do, the original source comes through as offline :-(.