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Hi all together,


we're using Hubspot for many parts of our marketing actually. So we use the blog function and social media as well.

While creating a new article you can set a featured image, which will be shown as the header of the article and the picture for social media, if you paste the link in the social post.

All fine, this works.



We want to use other images than we saved as featured image in the article. This has several reasons. Actually we only can either paste the link in the planned post, so a preview with the featured image is generated, or upload an own picture. But the last option does not work efficently, because when you click this picture in Facebook for example, it will be increased - but not opening the link of the article instantly.


So, is it possible to set two pictures? The featured image and, if necessary, the "social picture", which will be used, if you plan a post and set the link of the article in it.



There's another thing, too.

When I use the generated preview of my link, the meta title and meta description will be shown in the article preview of the post in social media. Very unpracticable, because Facebook for example doesn't show as many signs as Google does. So there need's to be an option, to manage the og:title and og:description separatly. The same needs to be done for the ogSmiley tirant la langueicture, as I described above.



What do you think? Is this a function Hubspot needs? For me it should be there.

Or is something like this already useable? The support couldn't give me an satisfactory answer.



Thanks for reading and start the discussion now.

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I fully agree with having a second image attached to the blog for separate social posts. For our blog we would like to have images with no text so that the titles appear legible, but on social media we would like images with text so there is more context to the image. Without this feature right now, difficult work-arounds are created that are now failing us as our social posts now have NO images associated with them.


Please make this a HubSpot feature! It is frustating not to be able to appropriately run our marketing campaigns and efficiently share our blog posts.