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Social Account Expiration notification

Every 90 days, every admin on our account gets an email for every social account to reconnect. I'm not sure if this is driven by hupspot or the social networks, but it is overkill and takes the convenience out of having everything connected seamlessly in one spot.


1 - since not all of the accounts were setup the same day, you can get multiple notices at different points in time (Facebook & Instagram today, but Linkedin next week, etc.)


2 - not every admin actively manages the account, unless it is a very small company, most companies require executives to be admins for legal reasons, but they aren't the day to day admin AND it usually isn't their account


3 - 90 days is NOT long enough, the time goes by in a flash. In the past, I believe it was 1 year, but this is way too frequent.


My suggestions:


1 - under the social settings, have a dropdown to choose the person who should be notified OR tie it to the person who connected the account and only email them. For personal accounts, I feel like it kind of needs to go to the person who owns that social account...


2 - the notice goes out 6 days in advance, that's perfect amount of time to reconnect, if it isn't done, send another notice to all admin 2 days prior


3 - sync up the accounts - do a hard reset on all accounts so that they all expire at the same time.


4 - change the frequency from every 90 days to at least every 120 days if not every 180 days. 

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HubSpot Employee

Hi team, 

Commenting for a customer here.

In addition to this, can we please create a notification setting so that super admins can decide whether they wish to receive the "disconnection" notification?



Fully agree with these suggestions. It's terribly annoying for our C-suite to get these emails - it means every month or so I get 2-4 emails telling me to reconnect. One from HubSpot, and a slew from others asking me if I've taken care of it yet. 


Why wouldn't this notification be able to be turned off as with any other? 


Our team is also having issues getting these notifications for everyone's social accounts. If there could be an option to make these notifications only for admins and the person the account is connected to, that would help immensely. 

Mitwirkender/Mitwirkende | Platinum Partner

This seems rediculous. Please add this to the email notifications section of the system. 


I agree. Please add the ability to send social connection emails to be sent to other users. The admin may not always be the individual managing these connections


It's shocking that this is how it works. Notification customization should be a first-class feature in any service like this.


Completely with these suggestions. Right now our CEO and OWNER are being notified along with other C-suite execs. Then they all forward the message to me after I've already been notified as well. It is terribly inconvenient. 


Agree with these suggestions. Please look into implementing notification preferences for social account connections, either within notification preferences or in marketing > social > email notifications tab.

HubSpot Employee

Hey Team, commenting on behalf of a customer as well:


They're wondering if the current 7 day heads-up email before the expiration, could be extended such that they can get notified 14 days before the expiration instead.


( I believe they've brought up a great point on how different customers would have different processes when it comes to managing their HubSpot portals and/or their social accounts, and thus would need different amounts of time when it comes to the heads up like this-- being able to customise this to fit each team's processes, would be really great! )




If I could upvote this idea more than once I would. The lack of customization for this feature is frustrating. Admins from non-marketing departments receive this notfication and then reach out separately to the marketing department every time it's sent to let our team know though we already do and even after we already communicated that we also get these notifications. I don't see in the system that there has been an update for this. If there is a way to turn off these notifications for certain users/Teams, please let me know!


Yes, please add the ability to customize to which admins/super admins social channel connection messages are sent to. We have a subset of admins who manage the connectivity to social channels.