Snooze (Boomerang) emails within Gmail

I often times need to follow up on emails in case nobody has replied.

A very easy way to do so would be a "snooze" or "boomerang" function within my gmail account (extension) to get the email back to my inbox when I say so (boomerang email in 1,2,...,7 days). And I am not talking about sequences.


You guys should be able to develop this very important feature within a few days no!?

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Yes, please build this. Nothing compares to gmail unless it has boomerang capabilities. 

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I agree! This is a great idea. I would put this to good use.

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I have contacted Hubspot about this multiple times. Once in the past, and we switched to another CRM as i really couldn't live without this feature. A second time now, when we returned to Hubspot as the other features of the CRM and sales pro are really amazing, compared to other solutions.

But not having this "snooze" feature is really painful, as i use my inbox as a "to-do" list. It's much more efficient than using a task. With a task, i need to open the task, find the email i need to follow up on, and follow up. with a snooze feature the email just pops up in my inbox, and i hit reply.


it's a feature that Boomerang has, Streak and many more. it's a simple extension of the "Send later" feature and it's mega useful. 


what can we do to promote this feature?

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YES YES YES. I used MixMax and Boomerang in the past because this is an essential feature.


PLEASE hubspot fix/add this issue ASAP


this would make such a big difference in my workflow.  agreed on all points!