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Snippet Tool - Text Limitation Removal

The Text Limitation - As you're aware there is a limitation in how much text you can include in the body of a snippet. This is disappointing as there may be paragraphs you send quite often that don't necessarily qualify to be a template. For example, we have a variety of plans each with their own unique product offerings. A snippet would be a helpful tool for quickly inserting the cost of a specific plan plus it's lineup of products. The text limitation prevents this ability.

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January 31, 2020 01:10 PM

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January 22, 2020 05:59 AM

Hi Community,


Totally hear you! This limit was created a long time ago and it's been a long time coming for us to update this. Some good news, we are planning to increase the character limit in snippets from 500 characters to 2500 characters. Once this is queued up it should not take much development time to update. 


I will update here once we have made the change!


- Glen

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HubSpot Product Team

Hi Community! 


We've now increased the character limit of snippets from 500 to 2500 characters.




HubSpot Product Team

Wonderful thank you.


Much appreciated! Though, any chance it could be longer? I have a 9,500 character list of Terms and Conditions I need to add to every contract. 



In those cases you should use the Email template.


Hi Geoffww,
Where can I find that? I assumed I only had access to snippets when filling out the purchase terms field in a quote. We need the text on this form, signed by the client, it can't just be in an email body.
Screen Shot 2020-01-31 at 2.33.30 PM.png


Templates are only available in the email composing window.  You could break up your 9500 text body in 4 snippets.  Terms and Conditions part 1, part 2 etc.


@glencornell  You had mentioned the limit is now 2,500 characters (as of Jan 31); I am able to create snippets that long, but I can not send them - not sure if anyone else is experiencing this issue:





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Why 2500 marks limit? Would it be easier to just get rid of the limit as a whole? 


Hi @glencornell 


With 2500 they will continue to be few characters ... it would take at least 10,000 to make it fully functional


For example, in quotes, the only way to load info quickly and easily, to avoid any mistake from sales users, is to use snippets


In the quotes we need to add the terms and conditions of the service order. And it's like a contract practically. It's like 8500 characters approx


Is this possible? If not, what other possible solution to this problem can you think of?


@jpalarcon - A paid solution that works well is Textexpander. License per user, great functionality, easy to use. A free alternative is AutoHotKey which is a way to create your own "scripts". Basically, if I type !sig AHK automatically includes my formatted signature anywhere at any time as long as the script is running in the background. I am not a coder myself but was able to learn how to use and set up AHK. Time is money though and learning this took some time so this might not suite everyone.

 - Otto


Hi @OttoMFP !


Thanks for your suggestions!


The reality is that adding an additional cost just for this does not make sense. It should be part of the tool. In itself, Husbpot quotes lack several things in general.


Doing a quick review of these tools that you mentioned, the biggest drawback is that I lose control of the content that needs to be loaded, in case it needs to be updated, for example.


From what I've been reading, I'm going to test if sales people correctly use multiple snippets to load this info.
But I also think that Hubspot should considerably increase the number of characters. I see that there are several of us who have this problem.






Hey HubSpot,

Any chance you can action or reply to this? It has been here since ‎Oct 27, 2017 and I can't see how it can't be a simple fix.


Please remove the limit for snippets -- 2500 isn't enough. 


We want to use the snippets for our quotes. We need to insert our Terms & Conditions -- this doesn't fit in 2500 characters. Or, maybe use another mechanism for inserting text with quotes (e.g., Templates?). 


2500 makes the tool useless for quoting, and requires us to do a copy/paste from a Word doc. 


Agreed, the 2,500 character limit for snippets isn't enough for us either.


Is there a technical reason for this limit? We never encountered such a limit with Zendesk, for example.


If we can send an email greater than 2,500 characters why wouldn't we be able to have a snippet longer than that too?


Hi all,

I have some unfortunate news. I contacted HubSpot support and they said:


> With the 2020 limit increase from 500 to 2,500 characters, the team has no current plans for another increase.


> It looks like right now there is no way to increase the 2,500 character count limit, since it's a hardcoded limit. The only options would be to use multiple snippets or to copy and paste, which I understand is not ideal, but all plans for any future increases will be communicated by our product team on the idea here. Thank you for sharing the link to the idea with me, I upvoted it on my end as well!