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Snippet Tool - Text Limitation Removal

The Text Limitation - As you're aware there is a limitation in how much text you can include in the body of a snippet. This is disappointing as there may be paragraphs you send quite often that don't necessarily qualify to be a template. For example, we have a variety of plans each with their own unique product offerings. A snippet would be a helpful tool for quickly inserting the cost of a specific plan plus it's lineup of products. The text limitation prevents this ability.

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January 31, 2020 01:10 PM

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January 22, 2020 05:59 AM

Hi Community,


Totally hear you! This limit was created a long time ago and it's been a long time coming for us to update this. Some good news, we are planning to increase the character limit in snippets from 500 characters to 2500 characters. Once this is queued up it should not take much development time to update. 


I will update here once we have made the change!


- Glen

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Yes, I also agree - this is such an easy fix, I still struggle to see why the limits are there in the first place


I agree with everything said above. It is quite frustrating and even sometimes counterproductive to be limited to 500 characters. Would the dev team be able to expend the limit soon? That'd be a great help for a lot of people!



It's time hubspot! This limitation is incredibly frustrating! 


I just encoutered this issue today and while I'm happy to see the request is already here in the idead form, I'm disoppinted that's it's been over a year with no change. When will HubSpot remove this text restriction?


+1 on this


I agree as well.  This limits adoption by Sales greatly if they have to remember multiple snippet names/shortcuts to do something as simple as "Meeting Notes." It's way too short.

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Agreed. We need this fixed. We can't use HubSpot's Quotes tool without the ability to easily include our Terms & Conditions which are longer than the snippets allow.


I have the same issue and agree that the snippet limit of 500 characters needs to be modified or removed entirely.  In the meantime, if you are going to impose a limit, it would be helpful to have an onscreen character counter so you know when and where you need to trim the snippet to fit within the 500 character limit.


I can see this helping with terms as well or the quick creation of new template emails


@bsn please respond and acknowledge this request.  So infuriating that a snippet is limited to just a touch larger than a tweet. 


Outlook would let you store novels if you wanted. 


If it needs to be saved locally, fine. 


True, we are simply wanting to make our lives easier. With this I am sure we can eliminate the word limit, seeing it only 300 words. Improvement onto this point is crucial


I would like to second that!  I have bulleted lists I'd like to add to emails by snippet.  It's frustrating to be limited to 500 characters.


Seems like quite a basic requirement, why is there a limitation? its causing a lot of extra work for my team.


Yes please! Please remove the snippet length validation!


Please remove this text limitation!!


+1 this! We want to use snippets for so many things but there just isn't enough room to save the information needed. Whether its gathering information on a Discovery Call, inserting snips of information within an email or T's & C's for quotes. The limit needs removing completely.


Increasing the length of Snippets to unlimited is an easy win for Hubspot, this should have been done 2 years ago.


+1 on this. Why limit this? All normal text expanders like aText (Mac) and PhraseExpress (PC) don't have this kind of limitation. BTW, for anyone else in the community, those are both good alternatives to the snippet functionality. The snippet tool is great though because it's integrated right inside the email system. Anyway....PLEASE remove the limit on how big a snippet can be. Makes no sense. Text costs nothing to store in your database.


I have just started testing Products and Quotes. There is the option to use a snippet for the terms section, but with the very short snippet length this does not work very well.

We quote internationally, and our terms vary from country to country and for different product types especially when on-site services are required. There needs to be a way to insert a much larger amount of text.