Snippet Tool - Text Limitation Removal

The Text Limitation - As you're aware there is a limitation in how much text you can include in the body of a snippet. This is disappointing as there may be paragraphs you send quite often that don't necessarily qualify to be a template. For example, we have a variety of plans each with their own unique product offerings. A snippet would be a helpful tool for quickly inserting the cost of a specific plan plus it's lineup of products. The text limitation prevents this ability.

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Seems like quite a basic requirement, why is there a limitation? its causing a lot of extra work for my team.

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Please remove this text limitation!!

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+1 this! We want to use snippets for so many things but there just isn't enough room to save the information needed. Whether its gathering information on a Discovery Call, inserting snips of information within an email or T's & C's for quotes. The limit needs removing completely.

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Increasing the length of Snippets to unlimited is an easy win for Hubspot, this should have been done 2 years ago.

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+1 on this. Why limit this? All normal text expanders like aText (Mac) and PhraseExpress (PC) don't have this kind of limitation. BTW, for anyone else in the community, those are both good alternatives to the snippet functionality. The snippet tool is great though because it's integrated right inside the email system. Anyway....PLEASE remove the limit on how big a snippet can be. Makes no sense. Text costs nothing to store in your database.

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I have just started testing Products and Quotes. There is the option to use a snippet for the terms section, but with the very short snippet length this does not work very well.

We quote internationally, and our terms vary from country to country and for different product types especially when on-site services are required. There needs to be a way to insert a much larger amount of text.


I am fairly new to HubSpot and shocked that this limitation exists. This is not a "bargain priced" solution and even the simplest of tasks in HS have roadblocks and limitations. Removing this character limit should not be a request that is more than 2 years old. I am already considering the cost of switching our firm to a different service at the end of our first year with HS. (we have only been using it for 4 months)

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Seriously. Please remove this limitation. Need it for discovery call notes; this is quite hampering.

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With an ever increasing sales staff - snippets are a great help, learning the sales langauge of our products, etc. We've got great "go-to" langauge that we'd love to use in snippets, as well as rock solid testomonials but they are longer than the 500 Charater limits. Come on HubSpot, this 500 charater limit is less than 2 tweets! 

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+1. This is on TOP OF MY LIST, please HubSpot team, do us all this favor!