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Snippet Tool - Text Limitation Removal

The Text Limitation - As you're aware there is a limitation in how much text you can include in the body of a snippet. This is disappointing as there may be paragraphs you send quite often that don't necessarily qualify to be a template. For example, we have a variety of plans each with their own unique product offerings. A snippet would be a helpful tool for quickly inserting the cost of a specific plan plus it's lineup of products. The text limitation prevents this ability.

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Please remove the limit for snippets -- 2500 isn't enough. 


We want to use the snippets for our quotes. We need to insert our Terms & Conditions -- this doesn't fit in 2500 characters. Or, maybe use another mechanism for inserting text with quotes (e.g., Templates?). 


2500 makes the tool useless for quoting, and requires us to do a copy/paste from a Word doc. 


Agreed, the 2,500 character limit for snippets isn't enough for us either.


Is there a technical reason for this limit? We never encountered such a limit with Zendesk, for example.


If we can send an email greater than 2,500 characters why wouldn't we be able to have a snippet longer than that too?


Hi all,

I have some unfortunate news. I contacted HubSpot support and they said:


> With the 2020 limit increase from 500 to 2,500 characters, the team has no current plans for another increase.


> It looks like right now there is no way to increase the 2,500 character count limit, since it's a hardcoded limit. The only options would be to use multiple snippets or to copy and paste, which I understand is not ideal, but all plans for any future increases will be communicated by our product team on the idea here. Thank you for sharing the link to the idea with me, I upvoted it on my end as well!