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Snippet Tool - Text Limitation Removal

The Text Limitation - As you're aware there is a limitation in how much text you can include in the body of a snippet. This is disappointing as there may be paragraphs you send quite often that don't necessarily qualify to be a template. For example, we have a variety of plans each with their own unique product offerings. A snippet would be a helpful tool for quickly inserting the cost of a specific plan plus it's lineup of products. The text limitation prevents this ability.

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I agree with this feedback. Another use case where this limit is a problem is with a Discovery Note snippet. There are specific questions we need to ask to qualify our leads while we have them on the phone. Because of the limit we can't add the required questions in the Snippet, which makes it less useful.




I agree with this feedback. If there are software based arguments for the restriction ok, but otherwise it does not make sense to define the maximum length of a shortcut/snippet.

I understand that the designer(s) of that feature had a specific idea in mind but it should be up to the customer to apply it as they see fit.


Adding another layer here-- we would love to use the Snippet tool during Discovery Call's but the text limitation prevents that. 


I also need a longer snippet.  Sometimes I have case study stories that I incorporate in my emails that go over 500 chars.


Our team uses snippets for a variety of things, but they really wanted to document references/testimonials as snippets so they could easily add them in. Unfortunately, the snippet length requirement prevents them from adding these since most are much longer than just a few words. Can you make the snippet length limit optional by account or not have one at all?


Text limit on snippets make no sense. Terms and Conditions, case studies, special offers etc all need more than 500 characters!


Completely agree... Why have a limit on these? Everyone's email length requirements are different.. Down with the snippet character limit! 


Yes- why is there a text limit? Snippets can be quite lengthy for certain emails and they don't qualify as a template. Please fix! I created an account just to write this. 


Agree with everything above. We'd love to use the snippets even more when writing notes or sending quotes.
Now we need to split some basic text blocks to four (4!) snippets we include to the Terms section of a Quote. Ridiculous.

Hope to have a quick fix here!


Snippets can be very handy if the length would be much longer for writing and also possibility edit text with bolding, colors etc. If I want sent invoicing information for the client I had to do 5 different snippets.

So, please take the length limitations away.


Snippets are a great productivity-enhancing tool.  I was hoping to create Snippits of concise answers to the FAQ's of our various services/solutions. However, with the current 500 character limit, I can't provide a helpful enough answer to many of the FAQs in such limited space.  Even just 1000 characters would make a world of difference for me, and ideally no limit or a much, much higher limit, because with each limit extension, I could think of 100 more ways I could use this to make our team more effective!


We need longer snippets - this is a huge limitation for us to use during calls, notes, and responses.


Also the snippets would be great if they allowed for including a document.


It extremly annoying not beeing ably to put the whole description and the price of the specific feature into the snippet.

Please guys, I know you can do better, fix it!






Please remove the character limit for the Snippet feature. There are too many use cases that may exceed your character allotment when creating snippets. I can think of many uses but unfortunately am limited. Please make this a priority. 


Completely agree and upvoting on this! Many macros and saved replies don't have a text limit and it makes no sense for there to be one in Hubspot's version. Please remove the text limit restriction!


The only alterntiave is templates. However.... unlike templates, Snippets offer the ability to quickly add various text blocks instantly to a single email. As such template dont provide a good alternative.

Why limit the text size?  I have had to create three snippits to create a single block of information.

Again, the question really is why limit the snippet size?


Agreed, would love to see this


I upvoted this idea because the snippet length completely hinders us when it comes to quotes. The text window for "purchase terms" allows you to use snippets, but our Standard Terms and Services is over 3 pages long! I would imagine most companies (especially SaaS companies) have Purchase Terms that could never fit into a snippet. As it stands now we need to keep a second tab open and copy/paste in the terms and services every time we send a quote. 


No limit to snippet length would fix this, but honestly a better solution would just be to have the ability to let people permantly affix their Terms to their quote, in the same way they do their logo and their brand color. 'Standard' Terms tend to remain... standard. Most people wouldnt want to have to physically add them to every quote. This would still be a pain, even if I had the ability to use our terms and services as a snippet. 


We won't be using this quote feature until this is addressed. I unfortunately have to reopen our contract with a 3rd party quoting software... 


Agreed. It doesn't seem that Hubspot should be making a ruling on how long messages should be, unless there is a technical reason for doing so. We are planning on using snippets for store handover note templates for use between teams through the customer lifecycle, and the text limit means we're having to create multiple snippets to allow for all the notes to be captured.




I feel like we are at a point to which this inquiry of ours needs to be addressed. It has gotten enough attention from its users to make changes. Please do provide us all with an update. Have a great weekend.