Snippet Improvement


Hi, I am creating a batch of snippets and created a folder of 8x Knowledge Snippets.

When I come to test them in an email as a pick list I find that I can only see 5 of the 8 snippet from my list. I was told there is a limit of 5 snippets to view in the pull down box as a pick list. This is highly restrictive for our needs. As a technical company we have a large knowledge base; and the need to pull down summary info across a wide range of technical matters for inclusion to customer emails is very helpful. It allows easier, faster disemmination of key facts to customers with out the need of our team to search for the details, which saves lots of time = efficiency = productivity gain. Suggest: Hubspot retain the 5 limit to view at anyone time BUT add in a RH scroll bar that allows other snippets (after the initial 5) to be viewed. It could be capped at 50>100. This retains the current rule but allows customers to expand information to their teams as needed.

Rgds Dave/Roobuck

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Great idea. I agree and have voted it up!