Snapshot Reports - Create reports which show a properties value for a contact / deal in the past

Who: Auditor

Goal: See the value for a contact property for all contacts as of a specific date in history. 


It would be very useful if it was possible to create reports for a contact property at a snapshot in time. For example, i want to know the number of contacts which had the 'due for review' contact property equal to 'yes' on 1/11/18. This would then enable me to see the number that were due for review at the start of the month, and the number of those that changed to 'no' by the end of the month. 


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HubSpot Employee

Nice idea @maxfishwick! I agree that it would be a powerful segmenation filter to be able to look at a period of time for certain properties. Potentially in the contact property creation process there could be an option to timestamp the values when arrived at. The lifecycle stage property is my reference here as we will automatically time stamp when a contact moves into each stage.

I recognize this can be set up manually but having this option at the time of creation would be a powerful addition for this type of reporting.