Smart send on A/B email

I was surprised not to find Smart Send option on emails that are in A/B testing. I don't find any reason for that not to be implemented. Any thoughts? 

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I agree completely. A/B testing is a basic feature of any marketing campaign. Even A/B/C testing should be available for every marketing person.

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Completely agreed. Smart send was a big selling point for enterprise-level account but we basically can't ever use it because (you should) be doing A/B testing on all your emails.

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We also see a huge need for smart send on A/B testing. We are a global company consistently sending an email on Tuesdays at 7:30 AM local time. It is unsustainable to send in each users time zone because we have users all over the world (literally, over a dozen time zones). We want to begin experimenting with CTA buttons and subject lines.

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The inability to do A/B testing on Smart Send emails drives me nuts! The inability to do so limits your capabilities for global, enterprise companies

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Agree to everyone's comments! Especially that we "should" be doing A/B testing on all of our emails, we'd not be doing our jobs right if we didn't test at every opportunity and more so if the quantity of sends are low - making it even more valuable data.

And, to that point, we should also be doing smart sends on every email, there is no reason to send at random times throughout the database, it prevents our ability to capture results from the time and an A/B test together. I hope Hubspot fixes this soon!

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This is a must-have feature! 

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It is insane that Hubspot does not have such an obvious and necessary feature like this.

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I also agree with everyone's comments.


We have a huge need for smart send in general and especially on A/B testing. Currently we are testing our subject lines to see which get a higher open rate. If all of a sudden, we not only test the subject line, but we do it without smart send, we are suddenly sending at all different times of the day, which could also impact open rate. This garners our A/B test completely useless. 


Instead we had to set up 2 separate sends, and randomize our A/B lists outside of HubSpot. In case anyone needs to know how to do this, here's the article that gives you step by step instructions:

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Want to piggyback off of ErinMuzughi's recent comment because I noticed they had to go to a blog for a competing inbound marketing platform to find the solution to this issue. You know what usually comes after that, Hubspot.

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Hubspot please add  timezone sends with A/B test functionality.


Compromise functionality is subject line only A/B test > Wait 24h > Commit the winner to the timezone send.


There is no reason why this can't be implemented.