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Smart rule for email content block

It would be great if the smart rule for content blocks in an email template would allow to hide the block completely if a set of conditions is not met, rather than just allow to serve different content within it.

I would need a smart rule that completely hides a block with a particular notice from the email, for whom the notice is not relevant. I don't have adequate content to subsctitute the notice with.chrome_86OwPN2g5n.png

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That's a great idea.


We have the same problem at the moment. We want to send a newsletter to two different groups. But the newsletter only differs between one article. Group 1 should receive the article - the second group should not receive the article.

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I also agree with this. I'm working with eCommerce brands and I would like the abandoned cart summary to only show to those in a certain active list and not show at all to others based on products abandoned. In addition, bring back the adding a smart rule on the LAYOUT LEVEL. This would solve some issues in particular cases.  


We have the same issue. At the moment, we use a work around involving deletion of text and replacing images with a 1x1 pixel but it always leaves large gaps with padding. Without doing it this way we would have to create 8 different variations on the same email for different customers based on the products they receive (even though there are only 3 sections that either need to be shown or not). Either that or bombard some customers with 3 different emails in one day.

Also, agree with bchhina above, to add this at the layout level would be great as it would save a lot of time editing each module every week. 


Yes! This is also something we would like to see. When we have a button or text element that we would like to show a particular audience, we usually don't have an alternate version of that particular content block for everyone else.


One example is having a "donate" button that only shows to customers. We would want everyone else to receive the normal email without the button -- there is no alternate button needed.


It would be FANTASTIC if the below could happen. This would open a WORLD of dynamic flexibility. Right now I'm highly disappointed in this editor and that I have to UPGRADE to Enterprise to get close to this functionality by using a HubDB. PLEASE add this to content sections (not modules, but the rows they sit in)



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Yes, this is HUGE limitation especially when it's so easy to do on cheaper platforms like ActiveCampaign. 

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This is a huge limitation for our customers. It's a very basic feature not to show some content to some segments at all.

The extra paddings / background colors shown are simply not acceptable. Therefore many HubSpot users are not really personalizing their emails and/or need to create many separate emails. Please fix this!


This is a big hurdle to building activity/behvaior driven campaigns with dynamic content that displays according to business rules, intent, etc. 


Totally agree. Not being able to hide modules when a rule isn't met is a huge limitation for us as well. This was easily possible in ActiveCampaign.


So is there a way I can show an email block depedns on Contact Parameter value?


This NEEDS to be done!