'Smart content' and 'Blog content' for custom modules

By default, it seems impossible to use functionality like 'Blog content' modules and 'Smart content' in custom modules. Since the release of the 'Local development beta' we have a lot more possibilities to create innovative and dynamic websites. Using techniques like React, ES6 and SCSS with webpack and gulp is one of the main reasons why I am so excited about the new dev beta. Custom modules alow us to set really specific purposes for modules and restrict the user on how the module is used. It also gives us the possibility of creating a complex structure for a module.

This being said, the downside of using custom modules is the lack of functionality. Our marketeers want to use 'Smart content' for custom modules to benefit of all the marketing tools Hubspot has to offer. Right now, we can not use this functionality with custom modules, so we would have to use the 'old way' and use Hubspot default modules. This makes it much harder to create complex designs.

We also use custom modules for our blogs. One of the most important fields in a blog is the 'Blog content'. It is used for the RSS feed and offers other functionality. We can not use this functionality in a richtext field in a custom module.


I would love to get the same functionality in custom modules. The meta.json (https://designers.hubspot.com/docs/tools/local-module-development) allready offers some settings to define what functionality and restrictions a module should have. It also has a smart_type field, but I am not sure what the functionality of this field is.

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Yes please, this is very important for us!

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Yes!! This was promised to us by our design agency, but wasn't possible because of custom modules. But what is a website without custom modules? I think lots of people like the personalisation option that Hubspot offers, but almost nobody can make use of it this way. Any updates from the Hubspot team?

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Yes this is a key element that should be included in custom modules. We can't use the full Hubspot potential of custom development.