Smart Rules and Emails


Allow for more flexibility for smart rules in emails. For example, I want to create a smart rule for a property on a contact record but don't want to have to keep creating new lists for all of the different values/properties. It would be nice to have that flexibility in the smart rule. 

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This is a great idea - I just came over to request the same!

Not only is it time consuming to create a set of middle-man lists to manage this, but if things are happening quickly, it will cause errors, or slow things down with the requirement for a few minute pause step to allow the contact to appear on the list.

This is especially important if there is no suitable default value, which would make an email not work properly.


Key to personalize email marketing newsletter. Saw many ideas related to this same core requirement. I upvoted as many as I could. 

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++  Allow "Is not a member of" even that would be amazing!


Agree to the above and also additional comments.

++ Allow AND as well as OR funtions when including lists would also be great!

Variant 1: Is in list A AND B
Variant 2: Is in list B OR A
Default variant: not in either list