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Smart Rule for Images

You can't use a Smart Rule on an image and in the new drag and drop platform you cannot drop an image into rich text---heard you can in the classic editor though. We are an association and blurbs like "Join Now" I don't want to show to our Members. And while I can accomplish this with just a rich text block, the Join Now message is more dynamic when paired with an image. 

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HubSpot Product Team

Hi @ahenry just a quick update that this is now available for all modules in the new drag and drop email editor (for Marketing Professional and Enterprise customers). You'll find it under the "More" menu when you hover over any module in the editor. Thanks for sharing your feedback! 


Hi HubSpot @Shay , big big request: could you make images smart too in the web page editor? Would love to add more 'couleur locale' to our website by showing different logos and personalized images for website visitors from different countries (for example, our /nl localized website for Dutch speakers targets visitors both from The Netherlands as well as from Belgium).