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Smart Rule Content by State/Province

Awesome that we can use a smart rule to show different content on landing pages by country, but given the size and population spread of the US, it would be extremely helpful to be able to show content based on state.


The content that we show to California may be much different than the content we want to show to New York.


This would add tremendous value for us as we'd be able to more granularly address regional opportunities and requirements. 

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Yeah we NEED this


This would be helpful for us as well.

HubSpot Employee

This is possible using Smart Content which is available in Marketing Hub Pro+ and CMS Hub Pro+ subscriptions. 

You would create a different list for each state/region you'd like to tailor the content for ... then use the Contact Object -> "State/Region" property. You can also do by country or city. 


It would make life a lot easier for us marketers, and our sales team.