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The leadflows that exist were great however it would be fantastic if certain people could see certain leadflows from the same page i.e. a marketing qualifed lead would see a "Download this guide" pop up lead flow while a sales qualified lead would get a "Try our free trial" pop up lead flow

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This would be a fantastic addition to HubSpot.  Being able to serve visitors a more unique/personalized message would go a long way.

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Dyanmic lead flows would be a huge improvement. Being able to sort by list, lifecycle stage, persona, IP address, etc (basically all the functionality from smart CTAs).  would be really useful for us. It's not ideal that we keep showing a newsletter opt-in to people who have already opted in. 

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We won't be able to use lead flows until this is fixed, as we can't have sales leads downloading generic info as they would go from ready to buy to info seeker all over again. Hopefully this is fixed quickly as I'm keen to use lead flows.

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This would be a great idea and offer some really useful functionality to target specific actions to those at different stages of the buyers journey. I really hope you explore this.

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In regards to lead flows for GDPR, it would be great to be able to have opt-in (for EU) and default checked box (for non-EU) so basically targeting for specific IPs would help us.

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Commenting because I am interested in this as well and would like updates if this moves forward. Having the ability to display lead flows based on customer types or previous form fills would be extremely beneficial for things like feedback, targeted downloads, etc. 

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This would be great and it would create a lot of new options to use lead flows!

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I would also love to see targeting capabilities for the lead flows tool. On a very basic level, we would like the ability to target lead flows to new vs. existing users. This would allow the very basic eCommerce use case of offering a first purchase discount  to new users when they subscribe to marketing emails.


It would be extremely useful to be able to use the same targeting capabilities as the smart calls-to-action and smart content to allow for better segmentation and targeted offers.

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Yes, smart rules for lead flows would be excellent! We have a global visitor base on our website- so, for example, it would great to do country-specific lead flow for an offer in that market that's not displayed to all visitors on that page. 


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Yes, yes, yes! Also, it would get great if we could use list membership as criteria for lead flows! Awesome idea!