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The leadflows that exist were great however it would be fantastic if certain people could see certain leadflows from the same page i.e. a marketing qualifed lead would see a "Download this guide" pop up lead flow while a sales qualified lead would get a "Try our free trial" pop up lead flow

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A few other features that IMO are critical.


- Ability to set lead flows to appear based on blog category in wordpress.


- Auto-optimization of lead flows - meaning that if two or three lead flows meet the criteria, HubSpot would automatically AB test and display the flow with the highest conversion rate.  Similar to how google ads displays the ads based on performance.  Right now it just serves the most recently created lead flow.


- As mentioned already there needs to be more options to display based on any / all profile data.


- Would love more layout options, including a full width image with text. 


- need to have a workflow for conflict between live chat and slideout.  



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Would be useful if lead flows can be configured to only show to new visitors and not contacts who already exist in our database.

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I need this for the same reson as AndyW but I hope some day to organize our content well enought to leverage more like Kevin907 mentions.    

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Would be nice to have lead flow pop up based on lead score, or member of a list as well

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Lot't of good ideas here. Please execute, HubSpot.

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First I want to say that I fully agree to change the name of Lead flow to pop-up form... Second, the pop-up form is quite rudimentary and a LOT of good ideas is presented here. 

So HubSpot, please! Make it more useful. 

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