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The leadflows that exist were great however it would be fantastic if certain people could see certain leadflows from the same page i.e. a marketing qualifed lead would see a "Download this guide" pop up lead flow while a sales qualified lead would get a "Try our free trial" pop up lead flow

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We have pop-up forms to collect demo details along with a form on the landing page. We would like Hubspot to detect that and avoid any demo pop-ups. So essentially a smart pop-up form. 

If a user fills in the demo form, the pop up should probably be either to contact us for a demo call or even subscribe for the blog or even altogether stop any demo pop up forms. 


It would be great if you could have one Smiley Happy

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@PoorviJhawar I agree - I think it would be great if you could exclude a list from a form pop up. That would allow anyone to create a list based on the criteria important to them and then use it as a suppression list, similar to workflows.

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We are having the same issue with our blog.  We don't want to ask our subscriber contacts to subscribe but we do want to ask unknown visitors.  Blogs are all about lead capture and the pop up form will be a great tool when we get this working correctly. 


Our temporary solution was to select or most popular SEO posts to ask for subscriptions to all who visit.  We keep the form off the latest posts assuming our subscription base is most likly to read by post date.  But to your point @PoorviJhawar, pushing a demo offer can't be done this way.  And it looks disingenious to keep pushing an offer that a contact has already opted into recieving. there should be a way to supress contacts in our CRM with logic filters.  


If HubSpot is all about the customer experience they need to make this update.    

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would also really love to be able to, like regular forms, drop user onto a thank you page vs in the interstitial so we can track Google Ads conversions for campaign optimization. Love all the other ideas for smart forms to replace content accordingly too!

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Any updates on this, HubSpot? It would make the current pop-ups so much more powerfull for both lead-capturing and -nurturing. Its all about relevance. Today its more of a "one size fits all" tool.


Thanks Smiley Happy 

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Agree with this, it'd be great to have smart pop-up forms.


In our case, we want to use the forms for eBook downloads and blog subscription forms. While the feature is great, it could be a bit spammy if we're asking people who are already subscribed or have already download the eBooks.

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In addition, I would love if we can put a popup into a workflow.

For exemple: 

Users that is on the list "x", after viewd some URL, send a popup form directing to another URL.