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The leadflows that exist were great however it would be fantastic if certain people could see certain leadflows from the same page i.e. a marketing qualifed lead would see a "Download this guide" pop up lead flow while a sales qualified lead would get a "Try our free trial" pop up lead flow

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In addition, if you had multiple guides and a contact has already downloaded one of them, it would be nice to showcase another.

I'm seeing better conversions on ebooks and guides through leadflows over CTAs throughout the site. My CTAs are smart, let's get LeadFlows there too.

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Definitely need LeadFlows to be smart. We have a blog subscribe banner that is getting better engagement than the sidebar. However, existing blog subscribers should not see the "subscribe to our blog" banner CTA. Rather, they should see nothing or even better a different CTA.

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I would agree on this that Lead Flows need to be able to change behavoir when you know who the person is.  Just as AndyW stated, we have a similar issue where if someone is subscribed to our blog, we might want to show something else in a lead flow or not show it at all.


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SMART Lead Flows would be such a great way to use this tool. Just like the other three commentors on this thread, I'm sort of limited as it currently stands in how comfortable I feel using this feature until I can control who sees each Lead Flow. 

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Came here looking for this. Was super disapointed when I found out this feature wasn't included.


This would allow us to create targeted offers across site like you can with Drift.

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Merging lead flows with smart content would definitely make this a real power-user tool. I'd love to see this.

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For sites that require a login, having the ability to prevent lead flows from appearing for customers already logged in.

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Disappointed that there are no smart functions on the lead flows, shouldn't have to pay for something like Sumo to do this.

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I'm currently working on setting up a lead flow, and I would like to set it up so that only those in specific countries are able to see this particular lead flow

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It would also be great if we could target traffic from specific IP adresses and domains.