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Dear community,


For companies with two offices or more, it would be of advantage if the footer in an e-mail could be defined by Smartrules. The necessary data (address, etc.) can be stored in a richtextbox and thus edited by smartrules, but since the values are passed automatically, this is not useful.



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This is a very mandatory function for an all-in-one marketing tool. Please add this feature as soon as possible.

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This makes perfect sense. I have an enterprise client with offices in more than 20 countries. There are a number of use cases where smart content can be used to pull in the correct local office. I prefer this solution rather than create many more email templates. Also it is not possible to show the local office in the re-subscribe email.


We could totally use that, too!


Agreed! Any update on this? 


This would be SO helpful for those of us with multi-location businesses. 


This would greatly help our business with it's marketing!


An absolute must for multi-location or multi-office businesses. Could easy be used as a smart rule based on list membership or a property value. Makes a much more custom tailored email for our members/customers and allows for accurate contact information in the footer.


Any updates on this? Would love to see more features like this for HubSpot's multi-location/multi-office businesses. 


Multi-location businesses need this feature!

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I have a use case where a company has multiple locations and would like to have HubSpot "auto-magically" (smart content or logic) that selects the appropriate company address based on the recipient's location. Can you please add this feature?! 

Here's an example of how I imagine that it would work: 
A business has an office in Japan and the US (and clients in both localities) and wants a way to have the footer in the email show the correct locations based on the recipient's location. In a perfect situation this means that emails sent would show US address when the email recipient is in the US, and show Japan address when the email recipient is in Japan. 
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Seems to be pretty essential to any business that operates in more than one physical location. Definitely something to bring up at #HubSpotInbound2021


This is also pretty essential for us. We are having more than 20 different countries with different footer information which is why we want to add smart rules to make life a bit more easier for the users. 


I recently posted "I would like to vote this idea up as well." However with a little more digging I discovered this is possible for email if you have Marketing Hub Professional and Enterprise. You will likely have to make the change in your Global Modules. I was able to implement this last night to serve different footers to contacts based upon the way we acquired the contact. I hope this helps some of you.


This would be very usefull.


This is a great idea. I'm surprised it isn't a feature already.


I just spoke with HubSpot support and a good interim solution is formatting the fields for the footer as size 8 (small size) and the same colour as the email background so that it is invisible 🙂 hope this helps while we wait for the smart footer module!! 


Agree that we need this! We have over 20 locations. Sending a singular email to contacts at all of them is needed and we can customize all the other content with smart content in here but not that. We leverage the different footers when sending emails unique to that location but that isn't possible with most of our automated marketing emails. 

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Hoping this idea gets reviewed and implemented! My client has multiple geographical regions that they service and each region would have a different office location. They were wondering if it was possible to set contacts to receive emails "from" the location that serves them and I was hoping this could be possible based on a smart rule, or as a field on the contact record. However, this doesn't seem likely and our clients would have to create one marketing email to cater per region they service. This is can get quite tedious to manage as the marketing emails created per region would multiply exponentially.

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Hey, team customers often have more than one office and it would make sense that they want the relevant office location to appear in the footer! Having a smart rule or even being able to use personalization tokens from the contact in the footer would be super helpful!


I would love this as well - we operate in NZ and AU and adding the ability for smartrule would mean we can create one eDM both both regions


Please add smart rules to the footer! I was under the impression this was in place for the last 6-7 years since we started using Hub Spot and was disappointed to find out it is not.


We have multiple locations and this feature is a must!