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Smart Content Based On Google Ad Group

It would be great if smart content could be utilized based on the ad group within Google Ads. It currently only lets you change the content based on the ad campaign. The ad group would give even more granular control which could help improve messaging.

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This feature is very important


Hi, I thought smart content can only be based on Paid Search and not as granular as Google Ad Campaigns. How does that work?

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Hi folks!


I'm happy to announce that this feature is currently rolling out! When you use smart content on pages, you'll see a new smart rule called Ad Source. When you select Ad Source, you'll see the option to select ad campaigns, ad groups, or ads. From there, you can change your page content based on the ads your visitors are coming from!


This is in the process of being rolled out, but if you're interested in getting access right away, feel free to DM me and I'd be happy to add the feature to your portal!




You can do this with smart rules and Query Parameters. It is exactly like Unbounce's DTR (Dynamic Text Replacement)

I would

1) Make sure you set up your URL parameters properly:


2) Use the "query parameter" in the smart rule 


If you want to create 1 version of your page for each keyword, you'll need to create one rule per keyword. 

3) Change your content for each rule





You need to do this for each module you want to modify. I'd recommend sticking to the headline. For top-performing keywords, you can also customize H2

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