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Smart CTAs rules (more options)

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Currently, there is a max cap of 30 smart rule variations. Would like to see this increased. 

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Participante | Parceiro Diamante

I'm trying to create a CTA that is based on a contacts location in the US which means I need 50 states plus Washington DC plus the default so I need a total of 52 variations. The cap of 30 made it much harder to accomplish this.

Membro | Parceiro

Just found out today that there is such a cap. It would be amazing if the cap could be lifted altogether OR raised to something much higher, like 500+.


The current cap is way too easily reached and does not work at all for enterprise-level accounts. 

Membro | Parceiro Elite

Agreed! I accidentally made my own post about this because I didn't see this one. But this rule limit is too low, especially for enterprise or ecommerce/retail accounts (orgs with multiple locations for example).