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Slowly Enrol (Drip) Prospects into Sequence


We do a lot of "prospecting" within existing customer accounts.  With other tools, we have use sequences (drips) to automate our outreach and would love to transition the same to HubSpot. However, if we have a list of 50 people per account, we don't want to email them all on the same day. 


It would be great if you could:


  1. Enroll a list into a sequence
  2. Specify how many people should be started by that sequence per day (i.e. only 10)
    • Even better would be if you could specify how many people PER COMPANY were to be started each day
  3. Let the sequence play out as-per-usual; including the option to unenroll people from the same company if someone replies

It doesn't seem possible now but is a standard of any "cold emailing" platform - including the ones we are "canceling" to justify the cost/move to HS.