Slack notifications in contact level workflows

Workflows on the company and deal level can push slack notifications to certain channels or users but we are unable to trigger a slack notification in a contact level workflow. Will this integration get added to the contact level?


A simple example of this is: Contact X has a date field called "Date of Birth" that we want to center our workflow on. The workflow was built on the contact level and centers on this date successfully. However, when we go to choose the action that we want to happen on that date, we are unable to send a slack message - only tasks, emails, etc. 


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HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team
updated to: In Planning

Thanks to everyone for their comments and support of this idea! The team is now actively working on bringing the Send Slack Notification action to contact workflows. We'll update again, when there's more information to share.

HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team
updated to: In Beta

This feature (Slack Notifications for Contact Workflows) is currently in private beta! This feature will be available as part of a broader under-the-hood renovation: moving contact workflows to our new workflows system.


Fill out this form to request earliest available access for your account, which will happen when we begin public beta, over the course of the next few weeks:


When access is given, your most recent contact workflows (those created after August 5th) will be moved to the new workflows system, which gives access to this feature and more. To move an older contact workflow to the new system, you can do so by cloning it: every newly created workflow in your account will then live in the new system.


Please note that once you are opted into the new system, you cannot be opted back out. Read about all of the changes the new workflows system will bring, here: A New Engine for your Workflows 

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