Slack Integration with Messages (Chat)

It's challenging to keep the Messages app open all the time in my browser. It would be amazing if I could be notified of new chats in Slack.


Even better would be the ability to hold the entire conversation right in Slack, with the option to switch over to the CRM.

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I'm not sure if this was available back in April, but there is an incoming webhook integration with Slack. With the outgoing Webhook intergation within Hubspot you would think this would work...but alas I'm just getting 500 errors within Hubspot.


That is trying both with and without authentication.


Bottom line, Slack notifcations alone are imeasurablly more userful than email notifications...and task assignments for that matter.

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 Hey @EricCrux,


I've had success catching HubSpot Workflow webhooks with Zapier and then sending them to Slack (I talk about it a bit more here).  It may be a viable connector.


Also, I totally agree that Slack notifications are WAY more valuable than email notifications because they allow multiple people to instantly communicate around the notification without creating ugly email threads.  We find them super useful for things like incoming consultation requests and sales enablement.


Hope this helps!


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 Yea, I'm familiar with well as a number of competing products likes Workato and IFTTT. Good services to bridge but also start to add up on the costs.

HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

Hey everyone -- amazing discussion, thanks for all the feedback.

I'm furiously working away at some of the feature ideas you have, starting with:

1. Adding tasks

2. Adding notes

3. Looking up contacts and companies


Still thinking through how best to pipe new contact notifications into Slack.


1. Should notifications go to the user that subscribes, or does it need to be configuration so that they can go to a specific #channel?

2. What should GrowthBot do when there are a high volume of notifications? Limit the number of notifications per hour/day?

3. What kind of "actions" should be allowed when the notifiation comes in (other than a link to view the contact)?

I'll have a beta version of some of these things next week sometime. If you'd like to help me beta test it, please let me know.


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Exciting! Put IMPACT down for a beta.


My opinion on your questions:

  1. We've found #channel notifications to be the best.  That way multiple people can have a conversation around a notification, but you can also have a private channel with only one person in it (for those one to one notifications).
  2. I'd love to see the option of "Recieve notification digests every: Day, Hour, 15 mins, Instantly" 
  3. Great question. Maybe for contact notifications you could add a dropdown to assign HubSpot owner.  This would allow for sales manager to quickly review a lead then assign it to the best rep (who would then recieve an email or would have them added to their Sales Views). This could also work well for HubSpot Lifecycle for those who manually assign those values.

Sounds like you're about to put our bots out of a job Smiley Wink

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Website Chat with Slack and HubSpot


This product, Dossier, is a FREE HubSpot partner app from Onboardify. It gives you website chat for Slack and all contacts and conversations are synced into HubSpot. You can learn more about how we sync emails and chats to HubSpot. Try it by going to and chatting with us -- we'll reply in Slack, and then we'll save your info as a lead in HubSpot. Here's a video on how our website chat works with Slack -- syncing to HubSpot is a cinch.


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For my team we'd really like to see a capability to have some activities in HubSpot reported in Slack in real time. The Zapier integration may be the way to go, but what we're basically looking for is the same range of options as we had with Trello in tracking the progress of sales opportunities as they move across a board.

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@dharmesh put Endless (430132) down for a beta test!


To answer your question about who gets notifications, Hubspot owner/specific users/channels should all be options.

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@dharmesh I know that you posted your note looking for beta testers for the integration a few months ago, but if you are still looking for testers Influence & Co. would be interested. 



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You can use the Dossier Chat (integrated with HubSpot). It sends all website chats to Slack, to a group of people who are designated as chat agents. It's available on the Slack app store at