Slack Integration with Messages (Chat)

It's challenging to keep the Messages app open all the time in my browser. It would be amazing if I could be notified of new chats in Slack.


Even better would be the ability to hold the entire conversation right in Slack, with the option to switch over to the CRM.

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Put ONU down for beta on Slack integration

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I agree - any updates on this feature?

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Ok quick update on the ideal Slack integration for my team. 


We have tried two systems that do offer good integrations, but which, for other non-related reasons, are not ideal. 

Trello notification in slack.pngNotification of card changes in trello to Slack

Firstly Trello - when we update a card in trello we can pipe across to slack a notification to a cvhannel of our choice thatincludes the key details of the card and the update. 


Prosperworks notification.pngNotification in slack from prosperworks


Secondly ProsperWorks - this CRM really takes Slack integration seriously, and provides elegantly formatted and clear notifications that are well worth reviewing.


Both these applications ought to be taken as examples of good slack integration of the level that is required by companies such as ourselves. Thanks.

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A simple notification I love is something I'm used to in Pipedrive - getting notifications any time a deal changes stages (I'm an admin, so for every deal). 


Also, when a note is left in a deal you own. 


Also, when a contact hits your site, opens something, basically any interaction could be fed to you via a bot. 

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Hi Guys,


@ Hubspot Team:


How come that MESSAGE is not yet integrated with #SLACK as #ZENDESK or #INTERCOM do already ?

Due to this we have decided to desactivated message and go to INTERCOM because we know how important are the 5 first minutes after getting a message or inbound lead. 


Hope that Hubspot will do the API Slack integration ASAP. (Zapier is not reliable enough for Chat) 

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Other option: a HUBSPOT MESSAGE APP for mobile to answer directly.




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Also, when you are on the move, having a Messages converssation in Slack would be so handy!

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You can try Dossier chat which uses Slack as the manager/responder for chats and syncs to HubSpot CRM. The native Slack app puts all website chats in Slack channels and you manage the entire conversation in Slack. From the Slack app directory (


Dossier syncs incoming and outgoing email, messaging and website chat, and organizes documents, tasks and more into intelligent Slack channels that are synced with Gmail, Outlook, Asana, HubSpot, Salesforce, Salesforce Chatter, Microsoft Dynamics, Zendesk, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive.


Here's how the chat works with HubSpot. When visitors get identified by email, then the contact, his/her company, and email conversations get added to HubSpot. There's a video on how the website chat works with Slack.


app-slack-chat-iphoneDossier chat in the Slack mobile app




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we agree with @kbento the ability to be able to auto post to slack an update to a hubspot company or deal record would be a game changer. In our use cases, we keep all internal teams up to date with meetings and calls in slack-- so the information in the CRM about comapnies and clients need to get to slack in automated fashion once updated into the CRM. PLEASE put this on the roadmap-- it will make the HS CRM stickier.

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I agree with the above statements concerning Trello & Slack...they have done an incredible job!

It would be cool to have that level of integration with HubSpot.

Some sample commands I would love to see

  • /hubspot search {contact or company} - It would be very cool if this command returned all matching results (similar to trello) and allowed you to select additional commands for the contact or company. For example, you might have the option to add a quick note from Slack or Call or Create a Ticket (maybe a trello card with the contact info could be created and use trello as a ticketing system). Or if hubspot adds some sort of support/ticketing system, it could be created there.
  • /hubspot remind {reminder text}

Just these would be awesome!